Vandertastic Service productions

Amsterdam based.
Supporting foreign companies.
Filming in the Netherlands.
Strong connection with German projects.
Adaptable to any size shoot.

Assists, advises and organises


  • Full service
  • From preparation to shoot
  • Efficient communication
  • Clear and transparent


  • Liaison between client and location scout
  • Recruiting location manager
  • Logistical feedback about shooting locations
  • Setting up and escorting tech recce’s


  • Obtaining permits
  • Assisting with set – security
  • To brief the do’s and dont’s of a permit


  • Connecting foreign head of departments with Dutch assistants
  • If required sourcing an entire Dutch crew for the shoot
  • Who will adapt and complement client’s style of work
  • Recommending the best local rental companies


  • Full service line producing
  • Advice on the most cost effective way of work
  • From preliminary budget to detailed final draft
  • If applicable introducing the film project to the Dutch 30% cash rebate


  • Short or long term accommodation
  • Turn key or hotel, five star or budget
  • Scouting production office space
  • And secured overnight parking for equipment vehicles


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